Xeno-Africa World-Building Project

This project explores a series of concepts for an alien world inhabited by a technologically advanced tribal civilization. As I grew up in South Africa I wanted to infuse this civilization with as much African influence as possible.
With this project I looked deeper into the designs behind the individual weapons and vehicles as well as the usual characters and environments.

Click here to see my CGSociety project page for more or play the video below.

The Children of Harad World-Building Project

The world of Lord of the Rings is brimming with more history and culture than could ever be fully explored in the films or even the books. It leaves you yearning for more; even Faramir himself when looking upon a fallen Haradrim foe mused 'I wonder what his name is... where he came from... if he would not rather have stayed there in peace?'
I decided to answer Faramir's question and using the few snippets of visual and written information available, extensively visualized the mysterious race from the South. 
This work has been used for the loading screens in Total War: Rise of Mordor and Crusader Kings II: Middle Earth.
The full world-building project can be explored on my CGSOCIETY project page.

CryEngine: White Council

I decided to combine my love of games and Lord of the Rings with my existing skills in modelling and sculpting. The result was a CryEngine map of the White Council from the Hobbit:An Unexpected Journey. Modeled in Maya & Zbrush and rendered in real-time in the CryEngine 3. I dressed my geometry using the natural CryEngine assets.

There is nothing like running around your geometry in realtime, now I just need to work out how to change the players assault rifle to an Elven bow and I will be content!

Put it down and nobody gets hurt

I wanted to explore a macro-level scene to develop my skills with fur and what normally be minuscule objects.
I wanted to keep the costume design as naturalistic as possible, using what would be laying around as opposed to something that was made from scratch.

Star Trek Into Darkness Klingon

So I went to see Into Darkness for its midnight release. Does this make me a Trekkie now?
Either way I thought the redesign for the Klingons were fabulous, with the cranial ridge piercings giving them the badass edge they need.
Since there are few released images of the Klingons at release date I thought I would have a go at painting one to ruin the surprise for everyone!